About Us

Fourved Ayurveda started as a small clinic where thousands of patients benefited from Ayurvedic treatments over the years. Dr. Rajendra Gupta developed the right mix of herbs and produced many effective medicines based on his learnings. These ayurvedic medicines improved each passing month with patient feedback. With modern manufacturing techniques, we were able to further enhance the quality of our medicines.

Under Dr. Gupta’s guidance, we created many herbal medicines that can restore balance, mind, and spirit. These medicines can benefit those seeking relief from hair problems and various health concerns when used in the right proportions.

Dr. Gupta recognized the need for such products in his community and took the initiative to address it by establishing Fourved Ayurveda. By harnessing the power of ayurvedic herbs, we aim to provide safe and effective solutions for individuals experiencing hair loss and other related issues.

In the coming years, we aim to expand our product line to include effective ayurvedic medicines.